Crestview Mutual Water Company Well #7 Information



Currently, we are at a pivotal point-in-time at Crestview Mutual Water Company.  Our ability to provide a safe, secure, dependable, affordable and lifesaving water source for shareholders is in jeopardy. 


Crestview currently lacks water capacity to meet peak demands with Well #6 alone.  Well #4, drilled in 1985, which has historically produced approximately 60% of our local water supply, has decreased approximately 80% due to declining groundwater levels.  Experts believe Well #4 will go “dry” this summer.  We need two wells in different zones to meet all demands.


In 2012, anticipating the need for a new safe, secure, dependable, affordable and lifesaving water source, Crestview began planning for Well #7.  This was done to ensure shareholders could count on an adequate water supply to meet demands, as well as provide critical fire support, prevention and suppression in the event of devastating fires which were experienced with the Thomas and Woolsey fires.  Well #7 was planned to be operational in September 2019.  Without Well #7, imported water will have to be purchased at $1,475 per acre-foot, rather than pumped at $180 per acre foot.


Unfortunately, a small group of shareholders are opposed to the project near their homes and as a result are causing permitting delays and significant cost increases in an attempt to stop construction of Well #7.  These delays and legal issues are costing time and money that impact all Crestview shareholders.  In our 70-year history, there is no evidence of a new well causing issues that impact our shareholder’s quality of life or home values.


Your Crestview Board of Directors is committed to ensuring shareholders continue to enjoy competitive water rates and a safe and dependable source of water.  This is especially imperative now in light of the many fires our region has experienced in recent years that threaten the life and safety of you and your families.  Without an adequate water supply, we are very concerned that shareholders will suffer massive loss of property in the event of another fire in our area.


For the last 70 years, Crestview Mutual Water Company has provided its shareholders with a safe, secure and dependable water source at a competitive price.  In order to continue this mission, it is imperative that Well #7 be constructed.  If this project does not move forward, the very future of the company is at risk!

Well #4, Located at 14 Alviso Drive - In  Operation Since October, 1986