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Mutual Water Company

Established March 1950

Mission Statement:

The Company exists to provide a dependable supply of good quality water at a competitive cost.

Company Information

Crestview Mutual Water Company was incorporated on March 3, 1950, and exists to provide shareholders with a dependable supply of water at a competitive cost.  Crestview sells approximately 300 million gallons of water per year to approximately 625 service connections.  70% of water used by shareholders is for outdoor irrigation purposes.  In addition to importing water from Metropolitan Water to meet customer demands, Crestview develops and maintains its own wells to reduce water rates.  Typically, water is imported from Metropolitan from December through March, and Crestview's wells supply system demands from April through November each year.

Crestview's current wells are located within the district as follows:

Well #4: 6 Alviso Drive

Well #5 and Treatment Plant: 602 Valley Vista Drive

Well #6: 241 Crestview Avenue

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